my wife's student loans vs. my military retirement

by Daryl

My wife has over $200k in federal student loans. I'm retired from the air force, and am getting 100% disability. Both she and I are unemployed. Due to our ages (I'm 59, she's 50), it's pretty much impossible to get jobs. How much can we be forced to pay on her loans?

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Though there are times when federal benefits can be garnished to pay federal student loan debt, your military benefits are probably safe.

Still, you or your wife don't need the stress of collection calls. So we recommend she immediately try to find out if she can get her payments reduced to little or nothing under the Income Based Repayment program. It's not always easy to navigate that program, but it's really important that she does apply.

Please listen to this interview with attorney Joshua Cohen about student loan default and borrower's right to an affordable repayment plan. I think it should answer your question and help both of you understand your options.

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