My terminally ill partner is currently on title to the house

by Elix
(Santa Barbara, CA)

Should we have him removed from title now while he is still alive to simplify things after he is gone? Or will the property automatically revert to me since he is leaving his portion to me in his will?

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Jul 02, 2012
My terminally ill partner is currently on title to the house

So sorry about your partner. I know that these must be difficult days for both of you.

I need more detailed information to give you a full answer to your question. However, if the two of you are both on the title to the house as "joint owners with the right of survivorship," then the house will automatically become yours 100% when your partner dies. If this is the case, your partner does not need to be removed from the title or do anything else at this point.

If your partner owns the home by himself, but he has left it to you in his will, then again, you do not need to do anything because you will inherit the home.

To be on the safe side and to ensure that your partner has all bases covered, I definitely recommend that you or you and your partner if your partner is able, meet with an estate planning attorney right away. Spending an hour or two with the attorney will help ensure that you do not face legal and/or financial problems after your partner dies because your partner forgot to prepare the appropriate estate planning document or did not prepare a certain document correctly. Good luck.

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