My son used my credit card without my authorization

by Elvira

My son had a baby and no job. I was concerned for him but didn't have much money myself but I had an 800 credit rating. I gave him my Citicard to use for some items that might be associated with the child if he needed to. He used the card in excess of $7,000, and nothing was for the child. But he was making payment all along.

This began in 2009. He then moved from Florida, where we were living, to NJ and continued to use the card. I canceled the card. He stopped speaking to me and stopped making payments. All the charges were made in NJ while I was still living in Fla.

I tried to get Citicard to go after him for the charges but they say it's my fault for giving him the card. Guess I thought my own child would never do such a terrible thing to me~! Now I'm stuck with a $6,000 bill, I'm on disability, this situation has landed me in a mental institution and I'm very ill.

What other avenues do I have to try to get him to pay these charges? Please help. My credit went from 800 to 550 I'm simply sick over this.

My son stopped speaking to my entire family ...why we do not know. We are professional people and he was not raised like this. It is apparent his wife does not like us and his keeping him away. That is an entire different subject. I need to get this bill paid somehow and none of the charges are mine.

I hope to hear from you with some ideas,

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We wish we had a solution for you, but by giving your son the credit card to use you probably did give him authorization to use it - even though he decided to charge other things and more than you expected. We've seen this situation before and we've never seen it end up in the cardholder's favor.

So now the only question is how you are going to resolve this debt. It's probably charged off at this point, right? Then our suggestion is that you either not pay it and deal with whatever the fallout is, or pull together some money to negotiate a settlement of the balance.

You may also want to consider whether the credit card company can do much to collect from you at this point. Please read what it means to be judgment proof.

We understand this is stressful for you, Elvira, but it's really not worth jeopardizing your health. It's only a credit card. Over time your credit rating can recover. Hopefully at some point your son will take responsibility for what he did and try to repair your relationship. In the meantime, just focus on putting this debt behind you and not letting it ruin your health.

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