My Nelson Hirsch & Associates Complaint

by Shellie
(Stone Mountain, GA)

I worked for the company for a few months and they are in serious violation of the FDCPA rules and regulations. I can't believe the unorthodox things the owner Tanya Santiago and her managers tell the reps to tell the debtors. Tanya Santiago should be investigated for the FDCPA violations.

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Mar 12, 2011
The Worst!
by: Anonymous

I worked there too and was trained by what I now know is a criminal. Everything I was trained to do was illegal, and I reported it to law enforcement and even took my story to the media! She trained us to call and threatened debtors into paying or else they would be jailed! That place is a criminals worse playground, because they have access to peoples social security numbers! Also they do not perform background checks are anything.....If you read this and they call you do not volunteer any information!

Mar 18, 2011
Your story about working for a collection agency

If either of you who have worked there would like to share your story in more detail, feel free to contact us directly. You'll find our contact info in the news media section. Your experience could be very valuable to others who are dealing with collectors.

And thanks for sharing here!

Mar 31, 2011
by: Anonymous

I got a threatening call that said that I or my lawyer was to call them tonight or face a lawsuit. Said my name was on a lawsuit filed by someone but didn't mention name.I just lost my husband to cancer and cant deal with this right now.

Note from Threats to sue are sometimes illegal. Why don't you check with a consumer law attorney to find out for sure? You should be able to get a free consultation with a consumer law attorney.

You have our sincere condolences.

Apr 11, 2011
Illegal representation
by: Anonymous

I was called by them recently and they also represented themselves as a legal entity and said that I was committing fraud because I did not pay back a payday loan. I asked her point blank if they were an attorney's office and she said no. I told her that she represented herself as such when she left the message on my voicemail. She said they were a legal entity. I said so you are just a collection agency and she said basically. I did not give her my cc number as she asked for and she would not really allow me to send any money in the mail. I did get the address from her to send her a money order but she put me on hold and then said they could not take a money order through the mail. I thought that was weird that they would only take cc numbers and money gram. I think there is something illegal going on here.

Apr 13, 2011
My Nelson Hirsh & Associates Complaint
by: Anonymous

My sister received a call from this company and the number that they had on file for her was not even in service when they claimed the payday loan to have been applied for. I requested copies of loan documents they said I am not privileged to them. They said I should remember the loan. I told the so call Legal fraud department what ever they want to call themselves that I will not release any personal information until I see the original loan application and computer documents and I.P information if this was done over the internet. They said if I did not make a payment on that same call I was going to be sued. I was out of town working I told them to email information and all they sent me was a letter on their letter head wanting a payment in full. He later said I have all of your information ie: address, phone number etc... I thought to my self if so tell me my address. All he could recite was previous public information. He could not tell me where i currently lived (which now has been 2 1/2 years , he did not have my home number which is private for many reasons life I have been a victim of identity theft and i told this man these that this is the reason he will not get any personal information until i have checked them out which I am glad. I'm ready for them when they call my lil sister. I have also told her that she request no further contact and that she will be tracking every call and will report to the District attorneys office for harassment. So at this point am I on the right track as far as wanting more proof?

Apr 18, 2011
When a debt collector contacts you

Under federal law, a debt collector is REQUIRED to send written notification of the debt within 5 days of initially contacting you. This is a federal law. If a debt collector refuses to provide anything in writing, it is either really flouting the law or a scam.

To those who have shared their stories here, please be sure to at least read the first chapter of Debt Collection Answers online for free so you have an understanding of your rights when dealing with debt collection agencies.

Jun 15, 2011
received call from nelson & heirsch
by: Anonymous

I had a message on my answering machine from this company stating that they needed to talk to me about an investigation regarding me. I am really scared to call them back. I think it is regarding a payday loan 12 years ago. does anyone know if there is statue of limitations on these things? I can't afford a lawyer. I live in Ohio if you need that info. Thanks for any help.

Reply from Yes, of course there is a statute of limitations - every state has one. According to our sources it is usually six years for consumer debts in Ohio. (We are not attorneys so please don't take that as the definitive answer or legal advice.)

It worries us that they are using the words "investigation." It sounds like the collector could be aggressive - but don't let that panic you. You still have the same consumer rights when dealing with this debt collector as with any other.

Please start by reading the first chapter of Debt Collection Answers online for free so you'll have an overview of your rights when dealing with this collector.

Keep excellent records, and keep your cool even if the collector is pushy.

If the debt collector does cross the line in its collection efforts, you may be able to get an attorney to help you without paying them anything up front.

If it seems like the debt collector is breaking the law, talk with a consumer law attorney. Find out how to get free legal advice from an attorney here.

Aug 22, 2011
by: Anonymous

I know somebody that worked for the company and from what I understand some of these are lies, they said that people take these loans out and never intend on paying them back and think that they are going to go away and will come up with every excuse in the book not to pay, they were really upset and said that the debtors give their information for the easy to get loans then when they are contacted they are rude and nasty like it is the companies fault that they took out the loan, the person that was telling me this said that people lie all the time I was shocked, but instead of trying to work with the company to avoid it going against their credit it is easier to badmouth the company.

Sep 14, 2011
cant take you have the wrong number
by: Anonymous

I received a call from this company told the lady she had the wrong number I hung up she called back 4 times the last time she said she was gonna report my phone number this is so crazy if I call someone and get the wrong number I don't call back 3 times,

Nov 19, 2011
Well It's Done 4 Now
by: Anonymous

Debt Collector Nelson, Hirsch & Associates Enters into $4.3 Million Settlement with the Governor’s Office of Consumer Protection

November 8, 2011

ATLANTA, GA – Nelson, Hirsch & Associates, Inc., a Georgia debt collections company, and its owner, Tanya Santiago, have entered into an Assurance of Voluntary Compliance with the Governor’s Office of Consumer Protection (OCP), resolving charges that the company committed multiple violations of the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Georgia Fair Business Practices Act. OCP’s investigation stemmed from a series of reports from consumers that Nelson, Hirsch & Associates harassed and deceived them by:
•Failing to disclose that it was a debt collector attempting to collect a debt;
•Threatening consumers with arrest, imprisonment or charges of fraud if they did not pay the debt;
•Refusing to send consumers written proof of the debt owed;
•Collecting more than the amount owed or authorized;
•Threatening to call the consumer’s employer and have the consumer’s wages garnished;
•Falsely representing to consumers that it was affiliated with a law firm and/or that the caller was a fraud investigator;
•Continuing to contact consumers even after they told the company to stop calling them;
•Calling consumers at unusual hours (e.g. before 8:00am or after 9:00pm);
•Calling consumers at work when they knew their employers prohibited such contact;
•Speaking to consumers in a harassing and abusive manner;
•Threatening consumers’ family members;
•Calling repeatedly (sometimes as much as 50 times a day)

Under the Assurance, Nelson, Hirsch & Associates and Ms. Santiago are required to cease business operations. Further, Ms. Santiago must refrain from engaging in any aspect of debt collection activities in Georgia or in connection with Georgia consumers for a period of at least five years. In addition, the company and Ms. Santiago will forego collection of 5,809 consumer accounts that they had purchased from creditors who had previously written off the debts. These accounts total $4,307,658. The company must also pay a $26,000 civil penalty and reimburse OCP for investigative and legal expenses in the amount of $24,000.

“We are sending a strong and clear message that this kind of abuse and harassment of consumers, and the egregious disregard for the law that these practices typify will not be tolerated,” says John Sours, Administrator of the Governor’s Office of Consumer Protection.

Press Contact Info

Bill Cloud

Nov 22, 2011 what do we do?
by: Anonymous

I had set-up a payment plan and was 6 months into the plan, when I noticed a change in the name on my bank statement. That's the only reason...I know anything about what is going on with NH&A.

After I found this out, I contacted the original business and found out that NH&A wasn't even the collection agency that had been given the debt. It appears the National Credit Adjusters (NCA) was given the collection but sold it to NH&A...this is all unconfirmed since I am unable to reach NCA via phone.

The company name on my bank statement was Aaron Everett & Meyers and come to find out was established in 7/2011 by Gordon M Berger an attorney. So how did this company get my debt information?

Also, Atlanta Restaurant Real Estate Brokers - The Shumacher Group helped to sell NH&A to a JEFF TILT per their website "" which I emailed them & said really bad PR.

Below is the press release as of November 8, 2011

Debt Collector Nelson, Hirsch & Associates
Enters into $4.3 Million Settlement with the Governor’s Office of Consumer Protection...they have shut her down but it appears that the business was sold and no one can answer what that means for me.

Apr 12, 2012
So how can u contact this company now?
by: Anonymous

If they were really applying the money collected to the debt, then how can I get a hold of them now?? Someone who was not authorized on my bank account and lied and said they were gave them authorization to take money out(a family member who stole my bank info to pay a boyfriends debt) so I want my money back! They never even sent her any paperwork.

Reply from

If you believe your account was debited without your authorization, then we'd recommend you get a police report and then take that to your bank to file a fraud report. Hopefully they will take it seriously then.

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