My name used as a reference. Now I get calls even though I have told them not to call me

by RC

My name was used as a reference on a loan. I have told the collection agency to stop calling me as I no longer have contact with this person. They keep saying the same thing "we will remove your number" and then hang up. I called them back today and told the guy I was not finished speaking and explained I have been told the same thing over and over but still get calls. He told me (as the conversation became heated) he was not going to remove my number now and to not call the number again. This company is leaving msgs on my phone for the person who owes the debt threatening wage garnishment, judgements, stated they have file a "stay of execution", and criminal prosecution and drivers license suspension. Again this is all on my phone and I have nothing to do with the loan. And if you ask for their contact they hang up. I need help.

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Jul 04, 2012
My name used as a reference. Now I get calls even though I have told them not to call me

Do you have the name of the collection agency? If you do, you could google it to get an address. Then you could send it a letter stating that you do not want to be contacted about the debt again because it is not your debt. If you write this letter, send it certified mail with a return receipt requested. The federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act says that once the agency receives your letter it cannot contact you again and if it does, it has violated the law and you have grounds for legal action. In that case, I recommend you schedule a free consultation with a consumer law attorney

If you do not have the name of the collection agency, then your problem may be somewhat more difficult to resolve. Do you have the number the calls are coming from? If so, can you block that number?

If worse comes to worse, just ignore the calls as irritating as they may be by letting them all go to voice mail and eventually, they will probably stop.

If you want additional advice about what to do, contact a consumer law attorney in your area who helps consumers resolve debt collection problems. Your first appointment will probably be free.

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