My name placed on dead father's mortgage.

by Richard
(Vidor, Texas)

My father died on November first. I was supposed to inherit his half of the property that he and my mother owned. He had gotten an SBA loan after Hurricane Rita damaged his house bad enough that FEMA had to tear it down. In 2007 he got the loan to purchase a mobile home to replace his house. The house was never lived in. After he died, I paid the note for about 3 months, but because the mobile home had been vandalized and could not be lived in, I was advised by lawyers to stop paying and allow the trailer to go back, since it was not attached to the property and my name is not on the loan. Yesterday, I obtained a free credit report and discovered that my name is now on the mortgage which is in default and it appears that I have an unpaid mortgage on my credit. Is this legal and how can I have it removed from my credit.

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Nov 23, 2011
My name placed on dead father's mortgage

Based on what you have told me, there is no reason why your name should be on your deceased father's mortgage and you should have no obligation to pay it. It was his debt, not yours. I recommend that you talk with the attorneys who advised you about your situation. If they are not able to help you for some reason, meet with a consumer law attorney in your area. Your first appointment should be free.

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