My name on someone elses bill

by Sylvia
(Winsted CT USA)

I live in Connecticut about 2-3 years ago I had moved out of my moms house to my boyfriend's. A few months later my mom had gotten a notice about her power being shut off and how she didn't want me to see my little brother and sister without power.... Well needless to say I let her put the bill in my name. Well about 6 months later I helped clean her house and noticed that there was cl&p bills that I was never given that said URGENT.

Lo and behold I was in the hole $855 she never told me that she was falling behind. She promised to pay it because she knows I am barely making ends meet. It is now in collections and I don't know what to do, can someone help me and tell me what I should do???

Me and my mom are close but I never thought she would do this to me.

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Oct 22, 2011
mom runs up utility bill in daughter's name

We're sorry to hear this happened, but we're afraid there is probably not a lot you can do to get out of this bill. It sounds like you gave your mother permission to get utility service in your name and that's similar to to cosigning. When you cosign you agree to be responsible for the bill if the other person doesn't pay.

What your mother did was wrong, but now you are likely stuck with the bills unless you can get her to pay them. You could consider taking her to small claims court to try to get her to pay you, but that may just be throwing good money after bad, and could cause additional problems.

(We aren't attorneys to please don't take this as legal advice.) You may want to try to work something out with the utility company to try to settle this bill or pay it off over time.

It sounds like your mom is having serious financial problems. It would also be a good idea to refer your mom to a credit counseling agency. They may be able to refer her to an agency to to get assistance with her utility bills so your siblings don't have to suffer. Suggest she visit for a free confidential consultation.

Oct 24, 2011
Moms Bill
by: Anonymous

My mom did the same thing with me, I got her a cell phone put in my name. She got behind and cancelled the phone, after a few calls I was able to get a set amount each month I was comfortable making. I have since gotten the bill paid and no more annoying phone calls... Good luck

Jun 05, 2015
Moms Electric Bill In My Name
by: Anonymous

My mom convinced me to get her electric bill in my name as soon as i turned 18, knowing i had no idea what i was getting myself into. It is now a year and a half after we've moved from that address and a collection agency has found me saying I owe 3553.70 because my mother never paid the bill. I now have terrible credit and can not move on my own unless it is out of state because I won't be able to get electric. I can barely afford the bills i have now and I can't afford to pay that one. Also, my mom claims she had more important things to worry about so she refuses to pay me anytime soon.

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What a terrible situation you're in. You're right. It sounds like she has ruined your credit and will make it impossible for you to get electric in your name. We wish we had a solution for you, but since you were of legal age this bill is now yours. Have you tried getting in touch with any social service agencies in your area to see if there is assistance available to help pay this bill? Beyond that we're at a loss in terms of what to advise.

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