My invalid mother is being served papers to go to court for credit card

by Suzette
(Lockhart, Texas)

My mother is 71, has MS and is in a nursing home in Texas. She is on Medicaid and only gets a 60.00 monthly allowance. She has no house or property. A credit card company is serving her papers to go to court. She can't travel or speak due to the MS. What can I do or what can be done? I'm her power of attorney and I'm so afraid that they're going to garnish her SS check and retirement which will mess up medicaid.

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Suzette - We suggest you get legal help. You can learn about how to get free or low-cost help with your debt collection problems here. There are likely a number of consumer protections that can help here but given that your mother has been served, it's best that you get some legal advice.

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