My husband owes $8500.00

by angela
(rodney, mi)

I recently got married and found out my husband has a debt to a debt collector for $8500.00. I want to contact them and ask to settle for half do you think it is possible? It has been at least 5 years ago currently they are taking his state taxes. Anything I can do to get them to negotiate?

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Mar 14, 2010
paying off husband's old debt
by: Gerri

Thanks for submitting your debt collection question on our Q&A page and congratulations on your marriage!

It's great that you want to help your husband clear up his credit and resolve his debts. I do want to make sure you know, though, that just because you are married you are not personally responsible for debts he ran up years ago, nor should those debts affect your credit.

If all you can afford to pay is half of the balance, that's what you should try to negotiate to pay. It's perfectly reasonable for a debt that old. However, as we advise in Debt Collection Ansewrs, you start off low so you have some room to negotiate. Be very careful in your conversations with the collectors that they do not somehow try to hold you liable for the debt, and do not sign anything making you liable for the debt.

I'd also suggest you first ask the collector to verify the debt and check out the statute of limitations. (To my knowledge it's generally 6 years in Michigan for most types of debts, but be sure to double check that as we can't offer legal advice.)

I think it would be helpful for you to read our ebook before you start talking with them, but at a minimum, you should read the first chapter of Debt Collection Answers online for free.

Please let us know how this turns out! Be sure to share an update in the comments section.

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