My ex-husband cash a significate size medical insurance check

by Anna
(eastern kentucky)

My ex and I divorced in late summer 2009.......I had surgery in the fall of 2008 but there was an open invoice for the OUT OF NETWORK Dec 2009 the Dr. office submitted the claim for 14,000.00 and the insurance company paid 13,010.00 but sent the check to my ex and he cashed it and didn't pay the PA's bill. Long story short....Dr's office is wanting me to pay it, I told them I had contacted the Insurance company and today I received a copy of the cancelled check where he had signed and cashed it in Jan 2010. The Insurance co says the doctors office needs to go after the money from my ex......and the doctors office is saying it is the insurance company's responsibility to go after my ex. I just want the bill paid for....its to much money to take him to small claims court so I guess I will need to hire a lawyer (which I don't feel is my responsibility) and take him to court.....But first I wanted your opinion on if it was legal for him to have kept the money from this cashed check? Thanks

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Jan 30, 2012
medical billing problem


It sounds like a sticky situation, but it's really beyond our area of expertise. (We focus on debt collection issues and you're not dealing with a debt collector.) We are going to have to suggest you talk with a consumer law attorney.

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