My Daughters Debt

by Sam

Dear Team,

My daughter who lives with me and is soon to be turning 21 has got herself in debt & it has now gone to a debt collections agency. She has done this before and I bailed her out the first time. I am not prepared to do this again. Last time she was threatened with court & bailiffs. How can I stop the bailiffs taking property that belongs to me to cover the debt?

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Sam - Unless you cosigned for these debts with your daughter, we see no reason why you should be held responsible for them. She legally became an adult when she turned 18, and has been fully responsible for her debts at that point.

Again, unless you are a cosigner, the collection agencies should not be contacting you about her debt. They can contact you once to try to locate her, but once they have found her, they should not be bothering you. If they do, use our Free Debt Collection Worksheet to keep track of the calls. You can send the collectors a letter telling them not to contact you again, and if they do, talk to a consumer law attorney as you may be entitled to damages under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Read: How to use a cease and desist letter to stop a debt collector.

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Dec 06, 2012
Where I found answers for my debt issues
by: Anonymous

I had a similar problem and had a hard time dealing with all the debt collectors. I was able to find some free resources online at:

Hope it can help others.

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