My dad died as a tourist

by Gema Delgadillo
(Downey California)

My dad was a Mexican citizen and got his visa to visit me here in California to spend Thanksgiving togheter. After a couple days he suffered a hearth attack and died the same day he arrived to the hospital. After 35 min. the doctors gave us the notice that they've done all possible things to resucite him. After a month I received an outrageous amount due for services, around 10,000 dollars. I know he received help and I know that hospital expenses are high. My mom does not have money to pay neither do I. I tried to contact the hospital letting them know that. aND with the effort of my brothers and sisters we can do a monthly payment of 100 dollars, even though this would take for ever at least we are trying to pay the debt. Well I have sent a couple of letters to the hospital and some payments. The checks have been cashed but I haven't received any response to settle this account and my question is WHAT SHOULD I DO?

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Mar 28, 2014
Beloved sister
by: Anonymou

My sister passed away on On sep 25 2014 in state of connectict and I was named her successor knowing that she had some money saved and Owened a condo with no mortgage ,, she was ill for long time and she was collecting social security benefit , after her passing
i received a bill from the state of ct requesting pay back hospital bills ,, for some reson I have read some where if not mistaken if you on SS aids your assest are protected even after you passing ,
Isn't why we pay taxes and SS

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You are not personally responsible for paying your sister's hospital bills unless you signed paperwork saying that you would pay them if she did not for some reason. However, those debts should be paid out of her estate -- the assets your sister owned when she died.

If she died with a will, then the executor of the will must pay as many of her debts as possible from her assets before any of your sister's remaining assets can be transferred to her beneficiaries -- the people/charities she indicated in her will that she wanted to receive them.

If your sister died without a will, then someone -- maybe you -- should contact the probate court in the area where she lived to get an "administrator" appointed who will carry out the same responsibilities that an executor would otherwise have been responsible for.

If you need more information, I recommend that you contact an estate planning attorney, Reply from

Jul 14, 2012
My dad died as a tourist
by: Debtcollectionanswers

I am so sorry for your loss. Losing your father so suddenly must have been very difficult for you.

I am not clear from your question if your mother lives in California or in Mexico. If she lives in California, then she is responsible for your father's medical debt. I do not know however how things work if your mother lives in Mexico -- in other words, whether the hospital has any real means of collecting the debt from her. Regardless however, it's important for you to know that you and your siblings are NOT responsible for paying the debt -- there is no law that says you must unless you signed paperwork saying that you would be responsible for your father's medical expenses.

In light of this therefore, I would not do anything without talking first with a consumer law attorney in your area who helps consumers resolve their debt collection problems. During the meeting you can clarify your mother's legal obligation for the debt is and if she is responsible for it, you can get advice about her options for dealing with it, which may include trying to settle the debt and filing for bankruptcy.

Again, do not do anything about the medical debt until you meed with a consumer law attorney and remember, you and your siblings are NOT legally responsible for paying it.

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