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by Tammy
(Terra Haute IN)

Will i guess I'm like the others and WOW! There was alot. I had this bill i was paying on and then my money got short with 4 kids and a single mom. i forgot about it and they stop sending pay-book. So 4-5 year later i get a court paper saying i own all this money and i no it was that high yes may 1000.00 and now it's 9000.00 plus court cost 1,900.

this is the sec. or third time.this has happen. last year i went to court they did show up.and now I'm going again on the 4th. now I'v been paying $5.00-50.00 a month will trying and so far so good but they still are taking me. and i thought along as you pay something your ok is this true? HELP I'M FREAKED OUT! PLEASE....

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Unfortunately it's a misconception that as long as you pay something they can't sue you. The truth is $5 - $50 a month isn't going to get this debt even close to being paid off. (They are probably adding interest each month so your balance may go up even with these payments.)

It sounds like you're really struggling financially. Our best suggestion would be for you to get a a free initial evaluation with a bankruptcy attorney so you can find out what your rights and options are here.

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