My check was garnished and it isn't my debt?

by Teri
(Lakeville, MN )

My paycheck was garnished for a debt of someone with the same name as mine. I had no knowledge of any unpaid debt nor was I ever notified of the debt. $530 was taken from my paycheck. I called our payroll person and she said she should have caught the error because the address for the debtor was different than mine. Upon checking, the social security number was different as well.
What can I do to get my money returned to me? Is there anything else I should do to prevent more garnishments against me tht are not my debts?

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Jan 21, 2016
garnishment mistake

Since it was a mistake your payroll administrator should be able to help you get it stopped, and get your money back. If he or she can't, you will need to talk with a local consumer law attorney. As for stopping it in the future, you may want to put a fraud alert on your credit reports, since it appears you have been mixed up with someone else with a similar name. It's not a perfect solution but hopefully will help.

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