My 19yr old took out a Student loan, we did not co-sign it are we still responsible?

by Dawn
(Washington State)

My 19 year old took out a student loan to go to college against our advice. We did not agree or help her get the loan. My husband tells me now that he did help her fill in the FASA form on the internet but did not co-sign any loan. We have no idea how much she has borrowed or what terms etc. She is not making good choices, I have been advised by acquaintances that we are still ultimately liable for any debt that she incurs and does not pay. Is this true?

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We don't see how you could be held liable for this debt if she obtained it on her own. She's an adult and it's her decision. However, you're right to be worried. Student loan debt can be truly debilitating if it can't be paid back. If she isn't able to pay it back, it can hurt her financially for years to come. And she may look to you for financial support if things get ugly.

Is there any way you can talk her into at least talking with a credit counseling agency? Maybe they can help her understand the long-term implications of her choices.

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