Must a hospital accept payments I can afford?

by Tim

I owe a hospital about $90.00 and can not come up with the complete total at once.

I called them to let them know I want to pay this bill but as of now I can only pay $50.00 a month.
They said they must receive $65.00 a month or it will go to collections. I tried to explain if I could afford $65.00 I would not just pay $50.00.

I thought that as long as I am making payments trying to pay this bill they could not sent it to collections, am I correct?

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Unfortunately, that's not correct. The hospital is not required to accept what you can afford to pay. They can send you to collections if you can't pay the amount they are demanding.

We assume you owe $900 or $9000 - and not $90 as you stated. If it's the latter, you may want to get a review of your bill to see if it can be reduced. Medical bills often contain errors, and even when they are correct, most hospitals have policies that help reduce those bills if you are financially unable to pay the full amount.

We don't have any easy solutions to your problem. Medical bills are a huge issue for so many people. You may want to read our pages about
medical debt collection for some additional ideas for dealing with this.

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