Moved from the County that I was served in.

I was served a summons without a court date, I responded to the summons with in 20 days and filed an answer with the court of which I was served. Whenever I responded I noted that we were moving to a different county, I also gave my new county to the court, so now that we are in a different county, should I receive another summons from the court, how do I ask the court to change to a court near me? The courts are about 400 miles apart, I do not drive, can I file my request without having to get there in person??? Can I fax it or by certified mail???/ Please help I need to respond. Thank you so much Mary

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Jan 28, 2011
Changing venue for a lawsuit


You are probably going to have to file a motion with the court asking to have the case moved to a more convenient location. Unfortunately, we don't know the specific procedures for doing so in your state. You can try asking the court where you been sued, but they will probably tell you to contact an attorney, which is what we would recommend as well. You may want to go to to find an attorney with experience in debt collection law in your area.

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