Mother passed; her house is paid off.

Will they take the house even if it's paid off and I'm going to keep paying the taxes and move in with younger sister which lives with her who is on life support my mother had alot of medical bill

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Mar 17, 2012
Mother passed; her house is paid off.

When someone dies, a legal process is initiated to identify all of the assets the deceased person owned at the time of death as well as all of the debts that person owes. The process is most commonly known as "probate," but there are less formal processes in most states for people who die without owning very much.

During the process, as many of the deceased's debts are paid out of her assets as possible. The debts must be paid in a certain order as some kinds of debts are more important than others. If there is not enough money to pay everything, then those creditors are usually out of luck. Therefore, they are not entitled to contact the deceased's relatives and try to get them to pay the debts.

This means that the medical providers your mother owed money to at the time of her death, are entitled to get paid out of your mother's estate, which includes her home. Therefore, I recommend that you schedule a meeting with a probate law attorney in the area so that you can find out what your obligations are and how to proceed. An hour or two of the attorney's time will be money well-spent and could help you avoid legal or financial problems down the road. It's always important to get fully informed. I also recommend that you read deceased person’s debt FAQdebtcollectionanswers.

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