Mortgage paid off by cosigner.

by John
(Murray, Kentucky, USA)

If I cosigned on a land Mortgage, paid off the mortgage, have records of where I paid off the mortgage does the property belong to me when the primary buyer dies or does it become part of their Esate? I was also left the land in the deceased will.

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Feb 09, 2015
by: Anonymous

If you own the home, your name is on the title and who signed for the mortgage is irrelevant when it comes to your step mother. She does not have any rights to the home because it's yours -- your name is on the title.

If my father cosighs for me on a home loan ,and he dies, can his now wife come back and take my home that my father cosigh on?I live in one state and my father a different state.

Jan 03, 2013
Mortgage paid off by cosigner

Unless your name was on the title to the land, you do not have an ownership interest in it and it is part of the deceased's estate. By co-signing, all you did was guarantee payment on the mortgage should the owner not be able to keep up with the payments.

However, given that the deceased left you the land in his or her will, the property will transfer to you once the probate process has been completed. Once the transfer is completed, you will own the land.

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