mortgage company suing me for deceased person debts

by tammy
(los angeles, ca )

Issue: cousin died with no will. The person who decided to be the executor of the estate listed all known relative as cousin had no parents or kids. Mortgage company is now suing all (about 30 ppl) that was listed as relative because they are saying we all own a percentage and we are now on title. I have to file a response within 20 days but don't have money for lawyer. I find it mind blogging that I am being sued for someone debts I barely knew simply because someone listed all known relatives. How should I respond to this law suit as I never ask for ownership or interest in this property. The property is in Florida.

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Jul 17, 2012
mortgage company suing me for deceased person debts

I cannot give you legal advice because I am not an attorney. Given your situation you really do need to speak with a probate law attorney who can advise you about whether or not the mortgage company is entitled to sue you and how you should respond. Your initial consultation with the attorney may be free and even if you do have to pay for it, the appointment should not cost a lot and is apt to help you avoid more and perhaps larger expenses down the road. When you are being sued, not getting legal help tends to be penny wise and pound foolish.

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