Money Owed to Me

by Russ Krinsky
(orange , ca)


I am in cal. I am a small transportation company.
I work with a another transportation company that takes orders and then sub contracts to me. They charge an amount. Lets say 200.00 Which they collect up front by credit card. They then call me to transport that client.
They might pay me 170.00
After i do, I send them an invoice for that client which states 60 day payment..
They are always 90 days(SOMETIMES LONGER). The question is this
Can i charge a late fee on invoices over 60. days or invoke any interest

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Jul 01, 2011
Money Owed to Me

Russ: We answer consumers' questions about how to deal with debt collectors at this site, not questions about how consumers can collect debts that are owed to them. Therefore, I recommend that you contact a small business attorney in your area for information about your question. Another option may to contact your local Small Business Administration office or SCORE.

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