Mentally Disabled and Credit Cards

My sister is a mentally disabled adult with the mentality of a 12 year old, receives Social Security and has a part time job at a deli where she prepares food. We were surprised to find that she had somehow managed to gain credit of $20,000 from numerous credit card companies and one even gave her 2 separate accounts. We know she had help at the stores she went to because they offered her a discount for applying and it is obvious she is mentally disabled so the cashiers had no business "helping" her.

We are also concerned that her mother may have helped her with a few because she was on the same checking account as my sister and we know she was helping her with her bills.

My question is what laws are there in MO to protect my sister? We were not aware of this situation until my mother passed and my sister started asking to come over for dinner every night and seemed to be out of money as soon as she was paid. Upon looking at her checking and credit history we were shocked to find she had many debts with no money to pay them. Please help.

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Please make an appointment to take your sister to meet with a bankruptcy attorney. The first consultation will be free and confidential.

It sounds like there is a very good chance she is judgment proof but you want the attorney to help you determine that. If that's the case, she may not have to file for bankruptcy to get these creditors to stop trying to collect from her. However, you may need the attorney to write letters to her creditors so she doesn't get hounded, threatened or sued for these debts.

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