Medical Rsponsibility for 19 year old who lives at home

by Kathleen

We adopted our son at age 15. He is now out of high school, no job, no plans for the future. He had a medicare card until he got out of school. Now he has lost his medicare. Are we legally responisable for his medical bills or any bills.

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Oct 01, 2017
Pay attention to your child's mood
by: Anonymous

To the person who says the daughter is seeking attention. Please pray that you are right and that she doesn't have depression and anxiety! Because I thought the same as you... Until my 21 year old son tried to kill him self.. And I'm a pretty bright woman, who understands mental illness! Long term milder depression leads to more young people taking their own lives, then a mental break from reality.

Sep 19, 2016
Same situation
by: Anonymous

Ya my stepson was 18 when he got stabbed. He no longer lives with us now the hospital is going after my husband threatening a lawsuit.

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If your son was an adult when he received medical care then it's unlikely the collector can go after your husband for the bills, unless he signed something agreeing to be responsible. That doesn't mean they won't try! But they need to prove he is responsible.

May 09, 2015
medical bills
by: Anonymous

I too have an over 18 child living at home. No plans but to lay in bed all day, she says she is "depressed" and too "anxious" to get a job. I am hearing this more and more from other parents.

Twice in the last year she has texted friends and threatened suicide. The friend then calls the cops, the responsible thing to do, the paramedics come and take her in the ambulance to the ER or this week, the mental ward. Last year before she was 18, I had to pay out of pocket about 300 dollars for all of this.

Now that she is 18 am I still responsible for her medical bills? I pay her co-pays and her dental bills but for this absolute crazy attention seeking ploy that keeps happening over and over and the medical and mental health system does nothing about, am I responsible for paying the bills? I think the bill should be in her name.

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Your daughter is an adult and is very likely responsible for her own bills unless you sign some kind of financial responsibility form. (Be sure to carefully read any paperwork you are asked to sign to clarify your responsibility.)

Apr 28, 2012
Medical Rsponsibility for 19 year old who lives at home

At age 19, your son is considered a legal adult. That means that he is legally responsible for paying his own bills, consenting to his own medical care and treatment, entering into contracts, etc. It also means that if he does not pay his bills, live up to a contract he enters into, etc. he will suffer the consequences, not you as his parents.

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