Medical payment accepted

by Robin
(Fort Worth, TX)

I went to the doctor on 09.26.2011 in the State of Texas. The total on the bill was $288.24. Since that date I have made a payment of $25.00 on 10.29.11, $25.00 on 11.13.11, $80.00 on 01.15.2011 and another $80.00 on 03.2.12. They have accepted my checks each time and deposited them immediately. They have never once called me, but continue to send me bills each month. Today I received a notice that my account has be turned over to a collection agency for the $78.24 balance. Can they do that, turn my account over. They never contacted me about me making payments was not acceptable. I understood tohat if they continue to accept your check they could not turn you over to a collection agency. Can they?

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Apr 25, 2012
Medical payment accepted

Yes, Robin, the doctor's office was entitled to turn your debt over to a collection agency. When you incur a debt, it is due in full immediately and you cannot decide for yourself that you will pay it off in installments instead. If you had wanted to pay it in installments, you should have contacted the doctor's office right away and asked to set up a written payment plan.

Also, the office was entitled to cash each of your checks and not under any obligation to call you about your debt. The fact that it sent you a bill each month was reminder enough that you owed it money and that it wanted to be paid.

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