Medical equipment charges 4 years later

by Luis
(Los Angeles, CA)

Hi there, this question is regarding post-op medical equipment charges in California.

I had 2 surgeries in 2007 (jan and oct) and the doctor recommended I use this pneumatic compressor (sort of an ice water pump to help with swelling of the surgery area). I asked them if that was covered by my insurance carrier (Blue Cross) and they said yes, I called Blue Cross and they said yes. Then, the next few years apparently Blue Cross changed their mind and stated that that equipment wasn't medically necessary. After the fact.

There was a lot of back and forth between me and Blue Cross, to no avail, but the provider of the equipment never actually sent a bill. After a while I gave up the fight against Blue Cross, for lack of evidence on my part.

Now, 4 years later, I finally receive the bills, totaling 1,600 dollars.

Do I still have to pay, after such a long period of time? I feel this whole thing is Blue Cross' fault, but I certainly don't feel like I owe anyone for something that was told me should have been free.

Thank you,

Luis M.

Reply from

This debt may be outside the statute of limitations which is generally four years for consumer debts in California. If you can confirm that is the case, then you can simply send the debt collector a
cease contact letter and ask them to stop contacting you.

It the debt is not time-barred, we would recommend you contact The Access Project. They have medical billing experts who will help answer your question for free.

ContactThe Access Project here

We hope this helps!

The Access Project

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