Medical debts collections

by Greg
(Columbia, sc)

Can a medical debts be taken from from my state tax refund?

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Sep 21, 2017
Money taken from my son's tax refund for hospital bill
by: Anonymous

Sad to know that SC taxes were taken out of my sons state refund check for hospital medical bill years ago due to car accident that was not his fault . Her insurance didn't cover all bills!! He got stuck and had no knowledge the taxes were being taken out - just got letter they want more !! Oh well I haven't told him as he is incarcerated at moment, getting help .

May 31, 2015
Please answer my question
by: JJ in sc

If my son was 18 at time of injury causing accrued hospital plus medical bills , but covered as dependent under my health insurance policy as the mother... Can set off be taken from my state refund at income tax time. My son is now 19 years old ? please Respond with answer.

Reply from Debt

If your son was a legal adult at the time he received treatment then the medical provider should try to collect from him. The fact that he is covered on your insurance policy doesn't necessarily make you legally responsible for his bills. If you never signed anything agreeing to be responsible for those bills then it's unlikely you can be held responsible.

However you mention a tax offset. What's that about? Has a collector threatened that? If so, we recommend that you talk with a consumer law attorney. Get free legal advice about debt collection here.

Apr 20, 2015
SC can take your State Refund
by: Anonymous

only if the Hospital is a participant in the set-off debt collection program run by the State's department of revenue as authorized in chapter 56 of title 12 of the SC Code. This specifically authorizes the department of revenue to garnish tax returns for participating agencies, such as public hospitals.

12-56-50. Department to assist in collection of account or debt by setoff of any refunds due to debtor.

Subject to the limitations contained in this chapter, the department, upon request, shall render assistance in the collection of any delinquent account or debt owing to any claimant agency by setting off any refunds due the debtor from the department by the sum certified by the claimant agency as delinquent debt.

May 07, 2012
Medical debts collections

Generally, tax refunds cannot be taken to pay a past due medical bills. However, there are exceptions and your funds can be taken if you owe money to your state or to the IRS.

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