Medical Debt/Judgement

Here is how it all happened. Tell me if any of this is legal.

I had a very old medical bill that I didn't even know that i had. I got served court papers and I called the collection agency to see what it was all about. They told me I had to go to court for this 341.00 medical bill. I told them is there something that I could do where I didn't have to go to court? I worked out a payment plan with them and they told me while I was paying them my monthly payment I didn't need to go to court and they would not put a judgment against me.

I have been paying my monthly payment for quite some time because it's taking me forever when they keep on adding interest charges and fees to my balance so therefore it's not going down very fast.

In the meantime I looked up their company and saw they had a lot of complaints against their company and I was amazed on how they treated people. I have kept everything they have sent me. I'm very detailed and I always check my credit report and I saw they did put a judgment against me anyway even though they told me they would not and I have been paying them.

Is anything that I have told you so far legal on their part? They have been nothing but a pain to deal with. Now they are claiming they came up with another bill from the year of 2005.


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Apr 15, 2010
medical billing/all collection accounts
by: Pat

Unless they are able to prove the debt you should not pay anything. I have been billed for the amount adjusted.

A medical entity can only charge the amount negotiated between your insurance company and medical practice. Many medical billing companies and collection companies try to bill you the adjusted amount because they get an additional commission for what they collections. FTC requires proof of debt. This proof cannot be from the collection company but rather a statement from originating entity. If they say they bought the debt, tough luck.

Jan 08, 2010
medical debt judgment
by: Gerri

Under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices act, debt collectors are not allowed to mischaracterizing the status of a debt. When you made a payment deal with the collection agency and they told you that they would not proceed with a lawsuit, they should not have gone behind your back and obtained a court judgment.

You definitely should pursue this. I would suggest you contact a consumer law attorney who specializes in debt collection cases. You may have a case against the collection agency, and if you do, you may be entitled to damages and attorney fees. If you aren't sure who to talk with, you can call the Collection Complaint Hotline. They will put you in touch with a consumer law attorney in your state who can explain your options. Call 888-711-5183. The service is free - no fee unless you win your case.

The good news is that the thorough records you have kept may be useful in helping you fight back.

Let us know what happens OK?

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