Medical Debt that is not mine

by Haley

Hi there, a few years ago I noticed almost 10 medical accounts by the same collection agency on my credit report. I disputed them on my credit report and also disputed them with the collection agency. All they provided me with was some bills with dates on them. No signatures or anything like that. There could not be any because I never went to that hospital. I checked my credit again this month (i do it several times a year) and they now reaged them all on my credit report ie: they were from 2005-2006 and now on my credit report they say November of 2007. I have started a dispute process again. This is really frustrating as I said I never went to this hospital and I have full insurance that I had during this time so I have no idea how this happened. My question is can they still say I owe debt even though they only have bills with no signatures? Is that legal? Thank you so much in advance for any advice.

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Jan 18, 2010
thank you
by: Anonymous

thank you so much for the advice and the information. In reference to my other question, can they say bills are mine without signatures or anything just bills from the hospital? This has been a pain but I thank you so much for making it seem more manageable.

Jan 17, 2010
medical bill not mine
by: Gerri


A collection agency cannot reage your debt just to try to collect for a longer period of time. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, collectors must report the original date of delinquency. If a collector is manipulating dates that would very likely be illegal.

I'd encourage you to contact an attorney for help.
The coauthor of the California edition of our book, Robert Brennan, handles debt collection and credit damage cases. You can read more about the issue of credit damage on his website You can also look for an attorney in your area with FCRA/FDCPA experience.

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