Medical Debt Owed By A Person Who Has Medicaid Insurance

I am working with a young lady who has Medicaid in the State of Michigan. She took her daughter to a emergency care clinic 2x within one year. We inquired to the clinic why she is being billed when she had Medicaid. The representative of the billing department told her that she did not have Medicaid coverage for both visits. But she had the coverage before and after these two visits.
She does not remember receiving a termination determination from Medicaid during this time. We are contacting Medicaid to see if she had medical coverage during these two visits.

If she was not covered and did not receive any notice from the State of Michigan stating her medicaid insurance was terminated, who pays for the bill?

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We would first suggest she talk to Medicaid to find out for sure whether she was or wasn't covered, and if not, why not. If not, then perhaps she is eligible for financial assistance from the hospital. Ask the hospital for a written copy of their financial assistance policies and the procedure for applying.

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