Medical Debt Mounting

by Scherrie

I live in Florida and my husband just died from lung cancer and now the bills are piling up. The insurance only paid a portion of them what can I do and do I have to pay for them and how do I pay since I am on a fixed income and don't know if I will have enough left over to pay any of them.

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Feb 20, 2012
Medical Debt Mounting

So sorry for your loss and your situation! It sounds like you are going through a difficult time.

You are not obligated to pay your husband's medical debts unless you signed for them. If you did not sign any paperwork guaranteeing payment then the medical providers cannot look to you for the money. That does not mean however that they may not try to pressure you into paying them or that debt collectors may not contact you demanding payment. Again however, if you did not sign for the debt your husband incurred, those debts are not your responsibility regardless of what a medical provider or collector may tell you. This information should be helpful if that happens, deceased person’s debt FAQ.

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