Medical debt from 2007

by Logan
(seminole, oklahoma)

My wife was third party in an accident and went to the hospital in 2007. She was a month over 18 at the time and was still living with her mother who is not the best of parents and now we are trying to buy a house. We were not approved do to the medical collections on her credit report. The person at fault shouldve paid the insurance correct? and if they didn't is there anything we can do to get this taken care of? It's been almost 4 years but the amount has been sent to an collections agent. it's $4711. WE have a little money and could settle for close to 40% of that debt but if we were to offer them that and they did not take it... would that restart my statute of limitations for oklahoma on medical bills?

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Jun 27, 2012
Oklahoma auto insurance
by: Anonymous

In 2009 I was smashed between two cars when someone ran a red light. I wasnt going to go to the dr. But i blacked out while talking to paramedic. On way to hospital I came to. I asked them to take me to Baptist Hospital, which was 5 minutes away, they said they have to take me to OU trauma center. I did not stay over night, thank God. The ER bill is 23,000 grand, they told me 20,000 is because they have to pay the ER staff for being put on standby. The dr that put 3 staples in my head is charging me 1500. The ambulance is 900.00. But in Oklahoma the insurance company only has to pay the drivers limit. In this case state minimum of 25,000. And almost 3 years later my attorney still has not, settled yet, he has been trying to negotiate with the hospital. So after medical and attorney fees, I am going to end up oweing close to 10,000 and I still get migraines and I still get sore in my neck and back. Before the wreck i was going to gym 4-5 days a week. I tried going back a couple times, my my head starts hurting and I have to Quit. I went from size 28 jeans to size 36 but what can you do right?

Oct 25, 2011
Medical debt from 2007

Oklahoma is a fault state, which means that the insurance company of the driver who caused the accident and your wife's insurance company should have negotiated with one another regarding how much your wife should receive as a result of her injuries. That amount might include not only all or a portion of her medical expenses, but also compensation for lost wages, if any, and possibly even for "pain and suffering." If she did not agree with what her insurance carrier negotiated, she could have filed a lawsuit to get what she felt she was entitled to.

Did your wife notify her insurance company after the accident occurred? If she did not, I would advise her to do so now. However, it may be too late given that the accident happened 4 years ago. Would be worth a call however. Another option is for her to consult with an attorney in your area who represents individuals who have been injured in car accidents.

As for whether or not you should settle the debt, I would not do so without first contacting the company that provided your wife with auto insurance at the time of the accident to find out if it is too late to get any insurance money and/or with an attorney. If you end up trying to negotiate a settlement with the collector, I do not believe that you will be reactivating the statute of limitations on the medical debt because my sources indicate that the statute of limitations is 5 years, so it is still in effect. That means that if you are not able to resolve the debt either through your wife's insurer at the time of the accident or by settling, you may be at risk of being sued for the money.

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