Medical Debt and Statute of Limitations

by laura
(Woodinville Washington)

I have a medical debt that has been taken over by a collection agency and I don't know if the statute of limitations has run out because I can't get the dates of the services from the hospital because they won't return my calls. This was in the state of Montana. How can I find out the dates and what is the statute of limitations for Montana on a medical debt?

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Sep 21, 2011
Medical Debt and Statute of Limitations

I am not an attorney but my sources indicate that the statute of limitations on medical debt in Montana is generally 8 years from the date that you made your last payment on the debt. During those 8 years, you can be sued for the money that you owe. Once that time period is up, you will continue to owe the debt, but you are no longer at risk for a lawsuit unless you admit to a collector that you owe the debt or agree to make even a small payment on the debt.

As for how to find out the date of service for the debt, I would continue to call the hospital. Have you been calling its billing office? If you live near the hospital another option is to go to the office itself. Do you not have a copy of the original bill you received from the hospital or any subsequent communication from it asking for payment? I am sure that the dates of service would be on that bill and the notices. You can also write the debt collector to ask for the dates of service related to the debt he wants you to pay. Send your request letter via certified mail with a return receipt requested and make a copy of the letter for your files. If you send your letter within 30 days of the collector contacting you for the first time, the collector is legally obligated to respond to your letter.

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