Medical collections reviewed by original creditor

by Willie
(Michigan City, IN)

Does collection agency have to remove account from my credit report when original creditor has re-opened to review for finanacial aid?

I had surgery in Oct. 09 and received 8 different bills pertaining to the surgery. I paid some of the bills, and attempted to make payment arrangements on the higher bills. My offers were not accepted, so I applied for financial aid assistance. I was told by the fin. aid office that I did not exist. Now, I have been notified on my credit report that the bills have been turned over to collection agencies. I called the hospital, and was told that I had never been a patient. I called another number, and was told again that I was not a patient. I argued with the representative and was told that my name was mispelled, therefore they could never find me in the system. A manager called and decided to make an exception to review my financial aid paperwork. Does the collection agency now have to delete my collection from my credit report? If so, what steps do i need to take to ensure that they do?

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This is a very tricky situation. There is no specific step-by-step procedure but there are a few things you can try.

One is to get a letter from the hospital explaining the situation so you can dispute the items with the collection agency. The other approach is to insist the hospital take the account back out of collections, since presumably they placed it there.

The other thing you can do is get your credit reports and dispute the collection accounts in writing (NOT online) with the credit reporting agencies. Send your disputes by certified mail. If they do not remove the accounts then you can talk with an attorney about a credit damage lawsuit.

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