medical bills

by cory
(harrison, ar, usa)

i've lost my medical bills, i know they've gone to collection how to i get that information now so that i can pay it?

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Jan 09, 2011
Lost Medical Bills
by: Mary

If you know who the creditors are that sent you the medical bills that are now past due, contact their business offices and ask if they will send you copies of your past due bills. If that gets you no where, you will have to wait until you are contacted by the debt collector/s. When you are, you are legally entitled to ask for proof that you owe the debts they are trying to collect from you (put your requests in writing and send them certified mail with a return receipt requested) and they are legally obligated to provide you with proof. The law does not indicate what the proof must be however so you may not be sent copies of the original invoices from your creditors. Therefore, if the information you are sent does not provide you with all of the information you are looking for, write another letter requesting more detail.

Good luck.

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