medical bill

by joy
(junction city ks)

Is it legal to throw someone in jail for failure to appear on a medical bill I thought this was a civil case can this happen in kansas

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Aug 02, 2012
medical bill

You cannot be jailed for failing to appear at a civil court hearing. However, you might be put in jail if there is a court judgment against you and you do not pay the judgment.

The risk of not showing up in court for a hearing related to a debt you owe is that the judge will almost certainly award the creditor or debt collector that sued you a default judgment against you, which will be very bad for your credit history. In other words, the court will essentially assume that because you did not show up, you owe the money. Meanwhile, if you had shown up, you would have had a chance to explain to the judge why you did not pay your debt and so the judge might have shown you some leniency. Also, the judge might have strongly encouraged you and the creditor or collector to try to settle your debt or work out a debt repayment plan you could afford. If you were able to do that, the lawsuit would have been dropped and so there would be no judgment against you in your credit history.

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