medical bill

by Michele
(New Jersey)

can a doctors office send you a bill that is over 5 years old

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Apr 25, 2012
medical bill

Yes, the medical provider can send you a bill for the debt you owe, even after 5 years. The medical provider can also turn the debt over to a collection agency. And, because the statute of limitations (SOL) on the debt has not expired yet, the medical provider can also sue you for the money because in New Jersey the SOL on medical debt is 6 years. (The SOL on a debt is the period of time during which a creditor can sue a consumer for a past due debt.) In fact by sending you a bill, the medical provider may be giving you final opportunity to pay what you owe before it takes legal action against you.

If you want to avoid having the debt sent to collections or being sued for the money you owe, I recommend you either pay what you owe in a lump sum or that you contact the medical provider to find out if you can pay the debt in installments. If you cannot do either and you are sued, filing for bankruptcy is another option although you should schedule a free initial evaluation with a bankruptcy attorney to determine if bankruptcy is right for you. Bankruptcy will halt the lawsuit and give you time to figure out how to deal with the debt.

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