Medical Bill not mine, how do I take it out of my credit?

by Thomas
(Bell, CA, USA)

I found out about 3 years ago I have a medical bill on my credit report that is not mine. I am 27 years old and this medical bill is for an 88 year old. I called the hospital that has been reporting this medical bill to my credit & she in fact told me it is not mine. She stated to contact the credit bureaus & tell them to take it out, which in turn will go back to the hospital & they will take care of it by stating this account is not mine. -- Wrong! the hospital just updated the amount due.

Is there any way to fight this? I keep trying to clear this with the credit bureau but there is nothing being done. The bill is for about 10grand & this is the only thing that is hurting my credit. I have been trying to build up my credit for the past 3 years but have no success due to this medical bill that is not mine. What else can I do? Please HELP!!

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If you asked us this question a couple of years ago our only option would be to suggest you contact a consumer law attorney who handles credit damage cases. And that's still not a bad option. You can find one by going to

But now there is an interim step you can take. Contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at They will likely contact the credit reporting agencies on your behalf and hopefully you will be able to get it resolved.

Will you let us know what happens?

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