medical bill never did get a bill

by dennis
(lennon mi)

i have blue cross blue shield.

they sent this to collection now i find out $101.54 i have never gotten a bill i called hospital told them this they gave me the # of collector i call them and ask what address they have and they said they didn't get an address with the bill i said see that's what i said i have never gotten a bill this has been on my report for 5.3 yrs i just found out and am trying to get this straightened out what a nightmare!

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Sep 14, 2010
medical bill on credit report
by: Gerri & Mary

We agree. It is outrageous that a collection account can be reported on your credit reports when you never even received a bill for the services in question.

We have received numerous complaints about medical billing practices like the one you describe. And there is no easy answer to this problem as the Fair Credit Reporting Act does not specifically require the collection agency to notify you before destroying your credit with this information.

To add insult to injury, if the original amount of this debt was for $100 or less, then FICO would not include it when calculating your credit score under its most recent credit scoring model. However, because the amount is for more than $100, it will affect your credit scores - perhaps significantly. You may want to go ahead and get a copy of your credit reports and scores to see if you can measure the credit damage from this account.

We don't have an easy answer for you here. We are not sure that the collection agency has broken any laws - at least that we know of - but we are not attorneys so it may make sense for you to talk with an attorney to find out for sure.

The good news is this item must be removed from your credit report 7 1/2 years from the date the bill was do with a medical provider. That date is set in stone - in other words, even if you don't pay the bill off it must still be removed from your credit reports after that 7 1/2 years has elapsed.

In the meantime, we would encourage you to take a look at our page about medical bill debt collection and, in particular, information about the Medical Debt Relief Act that would require these items to be removed from your credit reports if you pay them.

Please do let us know if you learn anything interesting that we should be including in our pages out medical bills in collections.

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