Medical Bill May Be Sent to Collection

by Katherine
(Princeton, IL)

Hi there, I have a medical bill which I will pay in full once I get my tax refund so now I'm paying what I can a month which is $20. They want at least $90/month. So now they're threatening me with collection dept.

Please help

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Sep 22, 2011
Medical Bill May Be Sent to Collection

It's possible that the medical provider may be demanding that you pay $90/month and threatening you with collections as a way to get you to agree to pay more than what you are paying now. Can you afford to increase your monthly payment significantly? If you can, offer to pay that amount each month and see how the medical provider responds. If it agrees to accept your offer, get the terms of your agreement in writing.

If the medical provider remains firm that you must pay at least $90/month on your outstanding medical bill and you cannot, then it's entitled to send your debt to collections. Once that happens you can expect that the pressure on you to pay the debt will increase and I urge you at that point to become familiar with your debt collection rights. A good way to do that is toget our ebook Debt Collection Answers. You can read the first chapter of Debt Collection Answers online for free.

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