Medical bill for wrong person

by nicole
(aiken sc.)

I keep getting letters saying that a medical bill for ($537.26) that is received in my name but the account debt is for my mother and when i try to contact the medical center all i get is them saying they never sent that bill to a collector and this bill does not show up on my credit history as far as i can see.

I would just like to know if there is a site i can go to to look at all my debts listed in collection status to try and correct this and ive been looking everywhere for help but noone seems to know what is going on..... help?

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Nicole -

This is a perfect example of what a mess medical bills can be. There is no central database to look up all collection accounts, unfortunately. Likely the only way you'll find out is if it ends up on your credit reports!

You certainly can contact a consumer law attorney to see if they can help. You can also send a certified letter to the medical sender that is sending the bill stating it does not belong to you. Keep a copy for your records. At least if they do try to put it in collections in your name, or report it on your credit, you'll have record of the fact that you tried to resolve it.

Have you talked with your mother about it? If it's a legitimate bill, she should try to pay it (or at least give them her contact information) so they'll leave you alone.

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