Medical Bill Arrives Three Years Later

by Dave
(Lake George CO)

I just received a hospital bill and the services were provided 3 Years ago. I don't even know if I owe this? Is this legal in Colorado?

Reply from

Dave - it's nut isn't it? The fact that a medical provider can take three years to send you a bill! Unfortunately, we aren't aware of any federal requirement to send you a bill within a specific time frame, though there may be state laws that apply. (You'd have to check with your state attorney general's office as we don't have any information about that.)

If the bill looks correct, you'll need to work something out to resolve it, but if there is a dispute (your insurance should have been billed, for example, it's going to be more complicated than that.

You may be interested in the Medical Debt Responsibility Act of 2011, proposed legislation that would require credit reporting agencies to remove medical debts from credit reports 45 days after they have been paid or settled.

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