Mediation and Judgement

by Moni
(Denver, co, USA )

I was sued for some old bills. However I haven't received the paperwork and was told I can't reschedule the mediation. All though I never received a call to see if this day and time would work with me. What can I do about this.

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Unfortunately since we don't practice law in Colorado we don't know what your options are if you cannot attend the mediation session scheduled. We are under the understanding that if you fail to appear they may get a default judgment against you, and if they are successful it will give them additional powers to collect.

Since these are old debts (possibly outside the statute of limitations?) we would encourage you to at least talk to a consumer protection attorney familiar with debt collection cases to find out what your options may be to avoid a default judgment. Do this as soon as possible. Visit the website of the National Association of Consumer Advocates if you need help finding one. The first consultation should not be expensive. The other alternative is to see if you are eligible for advice from Legal Aid.

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