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by Anna
(Decatur, Alabama)

I subscribed to Reader's Digest, paid the first payment, forgot to mail the cancellation letter, and got a call about the payment not going through. I just don't have the money to pay anymore. I asked if I could please cancel, that I would pay for this month but please cancel the rest of my subscription, and they told me since 14 days had past I COULDN'T cancel. Is this legal? How do I cancel a subscription that says I have to pay $50 for 24 months without cancelling now??

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Nov 03, 2015
magazine cancellation

It's hard to say what your rights are since we don't know whether you subscribed directly or through a third party, or what the terms of your subscription were. But you could try letting them know that if they won't cancel the remainder of the subscription that you'll contact the FTC. Then you could try contacting the FTC through

Nov 03, 2015
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by: Anna

I did subscribe through a third party, and they never let me know I had 14 days. They sent a letter apparently but I never received one, and they told me over the phone when I signed up that I could cancel whenever but now they are saying I can't.

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You may want to try telling them that you are reporting them to the FTC for deceptive practices--and follow through. (File a complaint with the BBB as well.) It's such a small amount that you probably won't be turned over to collections, though we certainly can't guarantee it.

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