Louisiana Succession

by Justin
(Lafayette, La USA)

My mother passed a few months ago. A year prior to her passing, she became disabled and was unable to pay the loans she had out. The only asset she had was her share of her parents house she was given in her fathers will, that is to be divided between 5 children. My grandmother is still in the house, but found a way she could sell her share and still stay in the house if all the kids signed. Since my mother passed my brother and I signed for her to be able to do this. However, its now being said that my brother & I have to go make a succession for the debt that my mother had. Something about its being held against my grandmothers house.

my questions are: 1. Do we have to do a succession? 2. If we do the succession and a year later a creditor calls for a debt of my mothers will we be held accountable? 3. Can the creditors even take what is owed to them out of my mothers share of the house that was left to us?

Something just doesnt seem right with the whole deal. I feel like they are trying to get us to just sign over our share of her house so she can have it.

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Nov 30, 2012
Louisiana Succession
by: Debt Collection Answers

Justin: You've asked a lot of questions, which may have some complicated answers. Therefore, I recommend that you talk with an estate planning attorney in your state. You may want to go here Ask Estate Lawyers Now to see if you can get the answers you need. Otherwise, you should schedule an appointment with an estate planning/probate law attorney in your area.

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