Long Gone Account

by Kim
(Plantsville, CT)

I received a bill from a debt collector, in regards to an account that I believe to be closed and paid off from almost 20 years ago. I have not received anything from the company (Lord & Taylor's) or any other debt collector in the time since. It's not like I have kept 20 year old paid bills or even check stubs from the bank (which is no longer in business) all this time. What can I do? By the way there is nothing on my credit report in regards to this matter.

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Mar 02, 2010
debt way too old
by: Gerri


Thanks for submitting your question about an old collection account on our Q&A page.

I certainly hope there is nothing about a 20 year collection account on your credit report at this point! (If it does show up, let us know.)

According to my sources, the statute of limitations in Connecticut is 6 years for most types of debt. For whatever reason, your debt has ended up with a debt buyer who probably purchased it for pennies on the dollar.

As we explain in Debt Collection Answers, when a debt is too old like this, you can send the collection agency a "cease contact" letter. It's simple. Just write a letter and ask them not to contact you again. Tell them you know the debt is too old. They can't contact you again except to take legal action, which sounds unlikely given the circumstances. If they do contact you again after getting your letter, let us know!

PS: Keep a copy of this letter indefinitely for your records.

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