loan mother money ,she die brother got home ,he not want to repay loan!


loan mother $8,000 then she die and left home to brother,up to the day she was alive he said i would get my money but then he said i would get nothing when mother die !how do i get my money without going to probate court?

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Feb 10, 2013
loan mother money ,she die brother got home ,he not want to repay loan!

Did your mother's estate (which is simply all of the assets she owned at the time of her death) go through the probate process yet? When it does, her executor is responsible for notifying everyone to whom she owed money at the time of her death so they can make a formal request to be paid. Then the executor is responsible for paying as many valid creditor claims as possible out of the assets in her estate. Only after that happens can her remaining assets be transferred to her beneficiaries.

I don't know the particulars of your situation and your mother's estate and what her will says. So I think it would be a very good idea for you to make an appointment with a probate law attorney in your area to find out what your rights are in regard to the money you are owed. An hour's time with a probate attorney will not cost a lot and will be money well-spent.

Bring a copy of her will with you if you have one. If the will was probated and you do not have a copy, it's part of the public record and you can obtain it at the court that probated the will.

If your mother died without a will, the probate court will name an administrator to do everything an executor must do.

You should also know that if your mother's estate meets certain criteria it may be entitled to go through a shorter and simpler form of probate than the traditional process. The attorney you meet with can tell you if your mother's estate qualifies for it.

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