Loan in my name

by sharon

My husband was paying for our home when he passed away. The loan was only his. The home and loan was in his name. All this was done before we married ( aprox 9 years before). when he passed away I was his wife and also his only heir. I made payments on the house for 10 months, while trying to take over the loan. Because the lender wouldn't put my name on the loan, I got an attorney to show that I was his heir of the home so I could get the loan in my name (I have perfect credit). After 10-11 months with working with the bank, I gave up. I left the ho;me and bought a home of my own. Now. they are suing me for the loan I have begged to put in my name. What can they do to me now. I have all the paperwork from the time I tried to get the loan my name.

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May 08, 2013
Loan in my name


So sorry for all of your troubles! My best advice to you is to get in touch with an attorney right away. Perhaps the attorney you were working with can help. However, now that you have been sued, you definitely need a lawyer's assistance. Another option is to go here for a free consultation with a consumer law attorney.

Good luck!

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