life insurance

by mark
(Claremont ca. USA)

Can debt collectors go after the beneficiary of the life insurance policy?

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Dec 03, 2015
Selfish of them all.
by: Anonymous

No will, little life ins, nccta retiree. 2 daughters. Paid not a dime... College, weddings. 0 divorce & I sign house over, trade for my kids. Me? 1,060.00 month. Pension died with him. Not one soul believes me. Cancer, him, 4-6 years? I come back. Stay 3 years till dies. Co sign loan, lower interest rate. Now? Go to probate? I pay house? I had police on him. , I pail & owned. Now what? Oh, nice Irish Catholic boy. Who know? Bum . God forgive you.... I cannot.

Oct 13, 2012
life insurance


I assume you are asking whether debt collectors can try to collect the debts of a deceased person by going after the beneficiary of the deceased's life insurance policy. The answer is no, with two exceptions.

The relatives of a deceased person are not legally obligated to pay the debt of a deceased person unless the they owed the debt jointly with that person or they co-signed for the debt. (This rule also applies to the friends of a deceased person.) Even so, debt collectors as well as creditors often put pressure on a deceased person's relatives to pay his/her outstanding debts. Here is some additional information on the subject, deceased person’s debt FAQ.

If a debt collector contacts you to demand that you pay the debts of the person who named you the beneficiary of his/her life insurance, call this toll free hotline, 855-206-5310, to speak with an attorney in your area who can advise you about what to.

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