Liability for damages related to car accident

by brian

i have a quick question, in the state of Florida.. if you and somebody else were sued for $10,000 liability damages to somebody car, and our licences suspended; can they hold you solely responsible for all 10,000 "if" you make payments? if the other person doesn't pay?

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Jan 18, 2011
Liability for Damages Related to Car Accident
by: Debt Collection Answers

Thanks for getting in touch. I am not an attorney nor do I know the details of the lawsuit against you or the details of any judgment that may have resulted from the lawsuit. Therefore, I recommend that you consult with your attorney to get your question answered. If you don't have an attorney at this point and have been sued, but your court date has not come and gone, I strongly advise you to get legal help. I can tell you however, that if there is a judgment against you related to the accident, you must meet the terms of that judgment or you will create more legal problems for yourself.

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