Length of time to collect

by Carol
(Spartanburg, SC)

Is there a limit on the number of years that an entity has in order to collect a debt? I've been told it's 3 years.

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Mar 02, 2010
Length of time to collect debt
by: Gerri

Thanks for submitting your question about debt collection on our Q&A page.

You are referring to the statute of limitations. According to my resources, South Carolina has one of the longest statute of limitations - 10 years! But I am not an attorney and want you to double check with your state attorney general or a consumer law attorney if you debt is not yet 10 years old.

If the debt is more than 10 years old, and you confirm that the statute of limitations for the debt is indeed 10 years, then you can treat it as a time-barred debt, and follow the instructions in our ebook for disputing it.

If not, you'll have to consider whether you can negotiate a settlement or if you must arrange a a free consultation with a bankruptcy attorney.

Aug 17, 2011
Debt Lawsuit Question

I HAVE DIVORCED AND BEEN OUT OF WORK FOR QUITE SOME TIME, AND AS A RESULT OF NOT BEING ABLE TO FIND WORK I HAVE GOTTEN IN SCHOOL FULL TIME IN THE HOPES OF PROCURING A JOB, BUT EVEN THOUGH I'VE Graduated i havent had any luck with finding a job so i am continuing my education full time. I have a credit card debt account which has been turned over to collections and i have tried to respond to the letters explaining my situation and my attempt to educate myself in the hopes of getting a job to pay this debt off. I received a letter recently telling me that they took me to court(i had no knowledge of this) and won a judgement against me. Can they legally do this?

Reply from DebtCollectionAnswers.com:

You must be served with a legal notice when you are sued. We recommend you talk with a consumer law attorney right away. Learn how to get low cost or FREE legal help with your debt collection problem here.

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